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Is Ringtone Apoko right for questioning Willy Paul’s Christianity or should he back off?

Ringtone Apoko vs Willy Paul

Let’s talk about Alex Apoko also known as Ringtone. A Kenyan Gospel musician. Lately, ringtone has been having so many controversies. My fellow Christians please help me out here, isn’t the act of not being judgemental the biggest lesson taught in churches?

The past few weeks Apoko has been seriously inflicting judgement on his fellow gospel musician Wily Paul. Willy Paul has his big share of controversies. People keep saying they are confused on the basis of his music since he has collaborated with a lot of secular musicians.

However, Apoko has been going too far! Well, Pozze has been hitting the gym and as a way of showing off his nice and build body he went on and posted it on his Instagram. This photo seemed to have gotten to Ringtone so much that he reposted it saying that Willy Paul was posing naked making demonic signs with his hand. According to him, no Christian should be doing this.

??This is a gospel artist from Kenya called Abubakar Rapado #willypaul. SHOWING DEMONIC SIGNS ON HIS HANDS ??? This agent of darkness has to leave the church. 

Strong words, right?

He did not stop there, He went on to do some research on Willy Pauls real name.

He went on to send some money to willy paul so that he would receive back a message showing his full name. The name that came with the message was Willson Abubakar. Apoko said in a video that he has been praying and fasting trying to find out what is wrong with the gospel music industry of Kenya. And he found it! Abubakar is the first companion of the prophet Mohamed.

He claims in the video that Willy Paul is the cause of the hustle in the gospel Industry and that he should leave the church.

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