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A few things we can all learn from the James Charles and Tati drama.

James Charles

James Charles


This is one word for all the drama going around between Youtuber James Charles and his mentor Tati. James Charles Dickinson, born May 23, 1999, is an American Internet personality and make-up artist. In 2016, he became the first male ambassador for CoverGirl. Back when he was trying to start his Youtube career, James met Tati Westbrook who just like him was an internet personality, Youtube content creator and make-up artist. Given that Tati is 37 years old at the moment while James is just turning 20, she became like a mother to him. Both in his career and personal life, Tati mentored James and saw him rise to higher heights in his career.

James CharlesHowever, just like most relationships, something bad happened. James attended Coachella this year and somewhere in between the week his security detail failed him. According to him, this company called sugar bear hair assisted him with security guards at Coachella and later on they offered him a job to advertise their new products. Now here is where the mess begins, Tati (the mother/longtime role model) has her own hair supplements company called Halo beauty and they are basically competitors with these Company that James Charles was being asked to work for. Any Loyal person would have declined the offer for the sake of respect but not James. In an Instagram post, James went on to shoutout the company without even asking Tati what she thought about it. So basically, Charles promoted a competitor for free security guards at Coachella

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Tati was obviously hurt so she took it to Instagram to share how hurt she was. James Charles later on apologized but the story did not end there. Earlier this week, Tati uploaded a 45 minute long Youtube video which she named Sister Bye. She was basically explaining all the drama that had gone down. Unfortunate for him, James Charles set a record for most subscribers lost in a single day and became the first YouTuber to lose over one million subscribers in under 24 hours as a result of the Tati video.

Since then, He has lost more than three million subscribers.

James Charles

So what can we learn from this long, sad story?

First things first, If you are not ready to unconditionally love and respect people who care about you, please get out of their lives. breakups between friends are more painful than in romantic relationships. Respect people close to you enough that even when you get a mind-blowing deal from their competitor/ hater you don’t have to think twice about it. Let them come first no matter what.

Also, everything you do have its consequences. James has lost ao many of his subscribers in only a week. There are rumours that Youtube has also cancelled him which could bring his whole career to an end. So whatever you do, make sure you remember that consequences are coming.

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