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“I hope you didn’t take my moms number” Shaffie Weru sarcastically tells Jeff Koinange.

Jeff Koinange and Shaffie Weru's mother

Jeff Koinange and Shaffie Weru’s mother

First things first, let us acknowledge that Shaffie Weru’s mother is gorgeous. Shaffie Weru graced us by showing us his beautiful mother in a past event that they attended.

In the photo posted on Shaffie Weru’s Instagram feed, Jeff Koinange was posing with Shaffie’s mum and by the way he looked at her, there was definitely something suspicious.

Shaffie went on to sarcastically warn his friend Jeff that he was watching him and that he hoped he hadn’t asked the mom for her number.

@koinangejeff nakuchecki 👁….OHhhhhhMyyyy! I hope you didn’t take my moms number 🤪🤪🤪 @jalangoo come 👀

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