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Joe Mwangi Now Claims Wendi Waeni’s Mother Is A Drunkard.

Joe Mwangi

Joe Mwangi

You’ve probably already heard about the drama that has been going on between young gymnast Wendy Waeni and her former manager Joe Mwangi. What basically happened is that the young girl exposed Joe for allegedly using her talent and fame for his own personal gain. She accused him of not giving her and her mother any money regardless of them working and performing all over the world.

Young Gymnast Wendy Waeni Reveals That Her Former Manager Pocketed All Her Money, She Is Drowning In Poverty!

She was hosted by Jeff Koinange at the JKLive and that’s the platform she used to expose him. Citizen Tv Even talked to Wendi’s mother.

Wendi Waeni’s Mother Finally Speaks About How Joe Mwangi Took Advantage Of Them.

Talking on Chipukeeezy show at Ebru TV, Joe Mwangi has responded to that whole ordeal basically defending himself. He said that he is being set up claiming that he used to issue money to Wendi’s mother from time to time.

He also mentioned that the mother is a drunkard and that’s probably how the money was being spent. Still talking toChipukeezy, Joe said that this whole scandal came up because he took away Wendi’s phone from her. He said that he did it to protect her.

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