Johnny Nash: I can see clearly now Hitmaker Dies

Johnny Nash dies at the age of 80

Johnny Nash who is best known for his song “I can see clearly now” has died at the age of 80.

Johnny who is an American reggae and pop musician and songwriter died a natural death while at his house in  Houston.

Johnny Nash began singing as a popstar in the 1950’s before Danny Sims and him formed JAD records in the 1960’s. They later signed in Bob Marley and others while in Jamaica.

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Johnny is said to have written his hit song ‘I can see clearly now’ after recovering from cataract surgery.

Covers to the dong were later done by the likes of Ray Charles, Donny Osmond and Jimmy Cliff. He however never released any hit thereafter and by 1990’s he had stopped singing.

According to reports, he was married three times and he has left behind his son, daughter and third wife.

May his soul rest in peace.

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