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Kakamega County Officials Unearth The Body Of A Young Man In A Quest To Recover Service Uniform!

Kakamega County Officials Forcefully Unearth Body

Kakamega County Officials Forcefully Unearth Body

When we thought we had seen it all, then this happened!

People in Kakamega were left in shock after county officials forced them to unearth the body of a young man who was allegedly buried in service uniform. They asked the family to exhume the body of Martin Shikuku Alukoye, 31, who was working with the Kakamega County Youth Service at the time of his death so that they could recover the service uniform that he was buried in.

According to his family, he was epileptic and drowned in River Eburinde, Kakamega County on August 7 after he collapsed in the gash of the river waters while crossing it. He was buried on the night of August 11 according to the Luhya customs.

A county administrator, accompanied by other administrators, visited the home after the funeral in a bid to take back the service attire that was given to the deceased. However, they realized that he had been buried in his full attire, the green suit, boots, and even the hat.

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The county officials came with a court order ordering the exhuming of the body. The family had too painfully watch aw the coffin was removed from the grave and the lifeless body of their child stripped.

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