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Kamene Goro involved in an Accident, Undergoing Knee Surgery!

Kamene Goro Accident
Kamene Goro Accident

The beautiful Radio Girl Kamene Goro was unfortunately involved in an accident in her house. She moved into a new home a week ago. The incident which he hasn’t disclosed yet, damaged her knee pretty badly that she had to call an ambulance which rushed her to Karen Hospital.

She wrote,

I’ve always liked rooms with views, this one scares me.

In another post, the lady explained what happened and that she will be undergoing surgery today.

Hey Guys, so, yesterday I had a pretty unfortunate incident at the house that I just moved in to. I damaged my knee pretty badly. I rushed to the hospital and had an MRI this morning but only to be told I’m going into surgery. I’ve learnt a lot of lessons but mostly that we are bigger than our struggles.

Kamene Goro Issued An Injunction That Restricts Her From Going On Air.

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Wishing her a speedy Recovery.


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