Kenyans To Pay Upto Sh300 More For Cooking Gas From July

It seems like things will get pretty bad before they get better.

With the coronavirus pandemic, the economy of Kenya has been wrecked and people are doing whatever they can to survive.

As from July 1 when the Finance Bill 2020 takes effect, the government will impose a 14 per cent value-added tax on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). This will see to it that the price of the commodity rise exponentially by between Ksh150 and Ksh300 for refilling the 6kg and 13kg cylinders respectively.

The price of refilling a 6-kg gas cylinder at the moment is between Ksh900 and Ksh1100, and if the VAT is effected the price could shoot close to Ksh1300.

For years, the government has not included the tax which made it easier for most Kenyans to afford the commodity. Most people were able to replace their kerosene stoves with gas cylinders.

All this happens at a time when Kenyans are at a higher demand for gas since we have been mostly staying at home. In most homesteads, both parents and kids are spending their days at home which means that people are cooking more often as compared to days when parents were at work and kids at school all day.

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Maureen Ng'endo is a writer based in Nairobi, Kenya. Currently writing for 411 Kenya and TrackyourleaderKenya. She has spent the last two years reporting both political and entertainment news for these two news websites.


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