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A Meru Woman slashes the arm of a 20-year-old lady who she found in bed with her husband.

Lady's arm slashed

Many are the times when the woman is accused of “sleeping with a  married man”. Women are always in trouble whenever a case of infidelity comes up which is sad because it takes to people for cheating to occur. Women should learn to question their cheating men rather that attacking innocent ladies who most of the time usually have no idea that the man is married or has another woman.

Lady’s arm slashed

A 20-year-old lady from Makutano, Meru County is in hospital nursing a serious wound after a woman allegedly slashed her arm after finding her and her husband on the act cheating on her. She used a Machete to slash the arm of the young lady.

Family of KEMU University student killed by boyfriend speaks up..They had no idea about the relationship

According to residents, after slashing the arm of the lady, she kicked her out as she bled profusely. She went on undress the poor young lady. The residents just watched the incident without helping the lady. She was later rushed to the hospital.

“The injured woman was wailing as the crowd cheered on the assailant who attempted to slash her again. People were just watching without helping, the woman deserves justice,” 

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