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Young Lesbian And Gay Kenyans Open Up About Their LGBT Community(Video).

Lesbianism and Gayism In Kenya

Xtian Dela is one of the most influential Kenyan, especially on social media. He is known for always saying it as it is on his social media platforms. On his latest vlog, he hosted three young Kenyans, Iman a lesbian lady, and two gay guys. His motive was to be able to talk to them about their lives.

Lesbianism and Gayism In Kenya

In the video, Xtian questioned these young men and woman about why they are the way they are and how they found out they were different. All three said something in common, which is that they are just the way they are and they can never change it. It is something they realized about themselves from a tender age.

They also talked about the kind of discrimination they face especially since it is still considered a federal crime in Kenya and in most African countries.

Watch the Video,

What is your take on the issue.

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