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Bahati’s New-born Son Secures A Job At Birth, Gains 15k Followers In Less Than A Day.

Majesty Bahati

As we reported earlier, Majesty Bahati was welcomed into the world yesterday. This is the new-born son of celebrated gospel musician Bahati and his wife Diana Marua.

They welcomed their second-born child Majesty yesterday at the RFH Hospital. The couple has a daughter called Heaven Bahati and they are also adoptive parents of a sweet young boy called Morgan. Bahati also has a daughter called Mueni from a previous relationship.

At birth, the boy was named the brand ambassador of the RFH Hospital which means he already has a job.

Also, in less than 24 hours the infant has gained more than 15,000 followers on Instagram. It makes one wonder the number of followers the toddler will have at the age of one year.


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