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Diamond’s mum hits back at a fan talking about her grandchildren being raised by another man.

Mama Dangote

Like any grandmother, well, the digital era grandmothers, posting grandkids on social media is usually out of love. And if we are being fair, we know that Mama Dangote, Diamond Platnumz mum really loves her grandchildren.

Well, just as she would do on a normal day, mama Dangote posted her grandchildren on her Instagram not knowing the kind of criticism she would receive.

This angry fan commented on the photo asking Mama Dangote asking her how she felt about her grandkids being raised by another man other than his son. Diamond and the kid’s mother Zari Hassan separated on February 2018 leaving her as a single mum. However, she is dating again and as expected, the new man might be the new father figure to the kids.

Watoto wana Baba mwingine sasa msilete gundu jamani tulieni na magoli ya mpira.

Kwa waganda watoto wana wenyewe sasa?

She replied to the fan saying,

Diamond Platnumz

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