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The Cause Of Death Of The Man Who Died While Having Sex In A Maize Plantation.

Man dies while having sex

A few days ago, as reported by 411 Kenya, a man in his 30s passed away while having steamy sex with his lover in a maize plantation. It was alleged that the man had been drinking a lot and was on his way home together with his lover, a 50-year-old widow from the area. The lady said that they were almost home while the man became impatient and asked that they have sex on the maize plantation. He has allegedly taken some sex booster pills.

Man Dies While Having S3x In A Maize Plantation With A 50-year-old Widow!

Sadly, in the process, the man died. The lady called neighbors who later on informed the police.

After a post-mortem was conducted on the body, it has been discovered that the man’s cause of death was chocking. Probably, due to the drinking, the man started vomiting some minutes before his death. The vomit allegedly chocked him causing his death.


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