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Man stabs wife 23 times leaving her naked and lifeless body lying on the floor of their house.

Man stabs wife 23 times

Man stabs wife 23 times

Mr James Wambugu, 34,  was married to Grace Kagure, 29 and they live a perfectly normal life in Pipeline estate, Nairobi. According to the people who knew them, these two were always happy and together. They were that couple which people are always talking about because of how cute and romantic they seem. They would go everywhere together, including to the shop downstairs.

However, as the saying goes, you should never judge a book by its cover. It seems like the two had problems of their own. Or maybe they were happy but the husband had a bad temper which caused him to lash out.

According to their neighbour, at around 7 AM on Sunday, the lady began screaming. She screamed very loudly saying that she was being killed

.“I am being killed!” She screamed repeatedly.

Neighbours had started gathering around the house trying to rescue the woman but the door was locked. Fortunately, there was a window that had not been locked from the inside. It gave them a chance to peep inside. What they so were a naked woman lying helplessly on the floor with blood all over her body. The man also was naked. When he saw the people he rushed to the bedroom and came up fully dressed.

“The door was still locked and a crowd had already gathered. People were threatening to force the door open if he was not going to do it,”

“The lady was on the floor naked with blood oozing from several parts. James was also naked standing beside her with a knife in his hands,” he said.

“When he saw us he rushed to the bedroom and came back fully dressed and opened the door,” 

She was immediately pronounced dead.

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