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James Kifo, Man Who Sealed His Wife’s Genitals With Super Glue Arrested

Man Who Sealed His Wife's Genitals With Super Glue Arrested

James Kifo Muruiki has finally been arrested.

The man hit the headlines after it was discovered that he had dehumanized his wife after sealing her private parts with super glue. Apparently, the man had been working in Nairobi, Pre-pandemic but like most people, he went home after the pandemic hit. After getting there he was somewhat curious about whether or not the wife had been cheating on him while he was in Nairobi. And if so, he wanted to know how many men she had been with. So, he lured her to her death by taking her on a walk to a neighbouring river together with their toddler son.

After they got to the river, Kifo asked his wife about her endeavours with other men while he was away. The conversation probably got heated and the lady told him everything he wanted to know. It is then that he started assaulting her by putting salt, pepper and glue on her private parts. After all that he sealed the genitals with super glue as well as her mouth and ears. He did so as the toddler watched and it is her screams that alerted the neighbours.

“She (the wife) was beaten by the suspect who also sprayed pepper, salt and super glue on her genitalia and later used a knife to push the said contents to her lady parts. Further, it was reported that he sealed her mouth and ears and left her for dead,” the DCI said on Twitter.

The woman was rushed to hospital in critical condition. However, Muriuki fled the scene of the incident and has been arrested in his hideout.

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