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Manu Chandaria Marries Aruna After Being Together 64 Years.

Manu Chandaria Wedding

True Love Is Patient.

Billionaire businessman Manu Chandaria has been together with his wife Aruna for 64 years. The beautiful couple got married in a traditional wedding 64 years back but they have finally decided to officially tie the knot.

Manu Chandaria is 90 years old while Aruna is 85 years old.

The wedding happened at the Attorney General’s office after being traditionally married years ago.

“64 (years) is a long time and the only thing is that how comes it has continued. It’s because of give and take from both sides and consideration for each other.

Manu Chandaria Wedding, Photos:

Manu Chandaria Wedding

64 years of Marriage,5 Suits, 2 belts,1 wallet and still Humble, meet Manu Chandaria

Manu Chandaria Wedding

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