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Martha Karua Kick-starts anti-BBI campaign

Karua rejects BBI, Kickstarts a campaign against it

Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua is not about to take anything from the newly released Building Bridges Initiative report(BBI).

She has vowed to reject any constitutional amendments that will be proposed through the BBI.

According to the veteran, the 2010 constitution should first be implemented fully before bringing in another one.

Through a post on her facebook page, Karua has lashed out our leaders for propagating negative ethnicity.

“The inclusive prosperity of our country lies in fully implementing the Constitution not changing it. We are not a tribal society, it is the leadership that uses negative ethnicity as political tool. This is what we need to change by serving Kenyans equally,” she wrote.

She went ahead and asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to put into consideration all opinions, including those against the BBI report.

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Martha Karua feels that the report is being spearheaded only by President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Primeminister Raila Odinga which is wrong. All Kenyans should be included in the process.

“The BBI is not a national conversation but a conversation of two friends and their allies to the exclusion of others, a Breaking Bridges Initiative. Addressing issue of divisive election entails fixing the electoral process to ensure it aligns with Article 86 of the constitution that is, free, fair, transparent, accountable ,and verifiable then all stake holders will accept/believe in electoral results #RejectBBI,” she tweeted.

Earlier on, Karua had questioned the timing of the release of the document, arguing that there must be a reason it was released when the country was about to experience political heat.

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“@StateHouseKenya, @RailaOdinga using a National Day to release a divisive report like the Breaking Bridges initiative aka #BBI is to further escalate an already poisoned environment . Honour the Constitution by dissolving parliament and by adherence to the Constitution,” she had tweeted.

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