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Ms Mvurya was validly elected.

University of Nairobi student leader Ann Mvurya will now complete her term after the institution’s electoral tribunal upheld her victory.

The electoral tribunal chaired by Mr David Mereka, an advocate of the High Court, on Tuesday said Ms Mvurya was validly elected.


The petitioners Omondi Roy Martins and Team Roy had challenged Ms Mvurya’s win, claiming that the exercise was marred with bribery of delegates.

They also claimed that the team in office did not reflect the face of Kenya.

They also alleged that the chair of the electoral commission confiscated delegates’ phones thereby denying them chance to communicate during the exercise.


Other members of the tribunal are Prof Harriet Kidombo, Prof N. Maingi, Prof John Onyari, Dr Nancy Barasa, Dr Lilac Osanjo and Dr Samuel Siringi.

Ms Mvurya, who was elected last month, replaced Mr Antony Manyara who was disqualified from the exercise.

She is the first female chairperson of University of Nairobi Students’ Association.

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