Musician Nandy Explains Why She No Longer Wears Her Engagement Ring

Why i no longer wear my wedding ring

Talented musician Nandy has finally explained why she no longer wears her wedding ring. Nandy was proposed to by her long time boyfriend, rapper BillNas on live Tv early this year.

Nandy has not been wearing her ring for sometime making some of her fans speculate that things might have gone south between her and BillNas.

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Nandy has come out and cleared the air stating that the ring was stolen by a fan when she was performing at some political campaign.

”Sijavaa kwa sababu tulipokua tanga kwenye kampeni, kwenye vuta nikuvute na mashabiki nikachomolewa na shabiki nahata kuvunjwa kucha’

BillNas on the other hand said that he would still buy her another ring and this time he would do it better than last time.

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The two were speaking during an interview with Cloud Fm.

They also revealed that they share similar phone passwords and have access to each others social media accounts.

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Should we wait for wedding bells soon? I don’t know. We can only wait!

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