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My Boss infected me with HIV/AIDS intentionally- City man narrates!

Kimutai Kemboi

Kimutai Kemboi story, living with HIV/AIDS

Many people are living with HIV/AIDS in our country. Most of them are aware and they are under treatment.

Kimutai Kemboi is a young man who is living with HIV and Unlike most people, he got infected in a very wierd way. Talking to Tamima, on the Real talk, Switch TV, Kimutai narrated his story.

It all started when he was 22 years old, Kimutai Kemboi dropped out of high school due to lack of school fees and just like any other person he packed his bags and moved to the big city, Nairobi. He was looking for a job with plans of saving up for his school fees.

Kimutai Kemboi

Kimutai Kemboi found a job with a lady in her late 30’s. He was a gardener. After working with her for a while, they became quite close to a point where they started sharing what was going on in their private lives. Kemboi shared how he really wanted to go back to school.

The lady promised to pay for his school, but with conditions. She wanted him to sleep with her and in return, she would pay for his school fees.

A light Aircraft has crashed in Kericho killing five people.

Due to desperation and confusion, the young ma gave in. It happened only ones. After some time the lady got sick, lost her job and went back home. Kemboi had to find another job. 2 years later, he took a random test and unfortunate for him, he was positive. He was in denial so he took four more tests.

They were all the same. That’s when he tried tracing where he got the virus from. The ex-boss at the time was the last person she had slept with and after taking a close look at the life she was living he realised that is where he got the Virus from.

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