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22-year-old gentleman commits suicide, blames his cheating girlfriend in a suicide note.

Naivasha suicide

Suicide Cases in Kenya

Suicide Cases in Kenya have increased at a very high rate over the last 1 year. It’s so sad that young people are committing suicide due to relationship issues. When a  person in his/her 20s takes their own life there is so much potential lost. 22-year-old Francis Njuguna from Kinamba Village in Naivasha has taken his own life.

According to a suicide note he left, he had a teenage girlfriend who cheated on him multiple times. The man apparently said that he couldn’t live with the lady hence the suicide.

He worked at a butcher’s shop in Kinamba.

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In the note, Njuguna indicated that he was committed to loving the teenager wholeheartedly and that he couldn’t imagine a life without her. He reportedly said he was left with no other choice but to commit suicide because he was hurting as a result of his girlfriend’s cheating ways.

Peter Muchina, said the 22-year-old told him on Wednesday night that he was having serious relationship issues with his girlfriend but, however, did not hint at having any suicidal thoughts.

They found his body hanging in his house and was taken to the Naivasha Sub-County Hospital morgue.

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