Netizens excited by Naseeb junior’s striking resemblance with his dad Diamond

Tanasha’s son does similar hairstyle to his dad diamond platnumz

Tanzanian bongo star Diamond Platnumz has been nicknamed father Abraham for having many babies with different baby mamas across east Africa. Diamond has three baby mamas: Zari Hassan from Uganda, Hamissa Mobetto from Tanzania and Tanasha Donna from Kenya.

In total, Diamond has four babies. Two from Zari and one from Hamissa and Tanasha.

From all his babies, Tanasha’s son Naseeb junior is the one who came resembling the Tanzanian star. Naseeb is a photocopy of his dad Diamond and the only thing that he took from his mother is complexion.

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Tanasha posted photos of the little boy with a hair do similar to that of his Dad Diamond and netizens cannot hide their excitement due to the striking resemblance.

He is literally a small simba.

Naseeb’s hair has been done just a few days after his dad Diamond commented on his photos on instagram, showering him with love and referring him as Simba mdogo.

Earlier on, Tanasha had blocked Diamond and his family from accessing both her account and that of Naseeb. She however seems to have gone past the break-up and has unblocked Diamond and his family on Naseeb Junior’s account.

Prince Tiffah, his first born daughter also resembles him but her’s is not as extreme as that of Naseeb.

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Hamissa’s son does not resemble the musician in any way and she even admitted of Diamond performing a DNA just to confirm that Dylan was his son. This happened after people started comparing Dylan with Kenyan politician and musician Jaguar.

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