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Night Runners caught on camera in Luo land, this is how and why they do it.

Night Runners

The people of rural Kenya have spoken of the night runners for generations. They’re said to be villagers possessed by a demonic spirit which compels them to scare and terrorise their neighbours at night. Even the thought of Night running scares a person let alone seeing them in action.

BBC News Africa decided to find out who these night runners are and why they do it. So they put up secret cameras at the commonly attacked homestead and luckily, they caught the night runners in action.

Some of the night runners agreed to share with the reporters how and why they do it. So they explain to him that it is something that is inherited from the family. This specific couple explains how they are initiated to the night running. The man was initiated to it by his father before he died while the wife was brought into it by the husband. They first take a specific meal that they claim is what the spirits want. They then wait for the night and they begin running.

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Most of them say that they can never stop even if they tried.

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