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Biracial Woman Njambi Angered By Kenyans Trolling Her For Speaking Kikuyu.

Njamba Juice

Njamba Juice

Njambi is a biracial woman who has been representing Kenya from the day she was born. She is a half Kenyan Kikuyu and half Irish. Her Mum is a Kikuyu from Murang’a and her dad is Irish. She grew up with her family here in Nairobi.

So this is where all the drama started. She was seen rapping in a video that she posted on her socials weeks ago. While rapping the lady was spitting some Kikuyu lines which somehow offended some Kenyans.

People started saying that she is just a mzungu trying to speak Kikuyu while others even went to the extreme of body shamming her.

An agitated Njambi took it to Instagram to explain and educate the haters who were way misinformed about her race.

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