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NTV anchor Doreen Majala files a case against her Husband MP Gideon Mulyungi.

Doreen Majala and husband

Mwingi Central Member of Parliament Gideon Mulyungi is in deep trouble after his wife filed a case against him. He is married NTV anchor Doreen Majala who is accusing him of allegedly assaulting her on the night of Monday 26th February 2018 at their Karen home.

Doreen Majala and husband

According to Doreen the MP came home with a young lady who he asked the wife to take in their home. They were okay for a while till Doreen confronted the young girl for dressing badly.

The husband lost it and hit Doreen with his phone on the face. He continued hitting her till she screamed out for help. Doreen left the house and went straight to the police station where she reported.

“The assault began after the MP brought in a 16-year-old lady and requested she stays in our house since he was supporting the girl in her education,” said the estranged wife.

“My husband hit me on the face with his phone and continued punching me until I screamed for help, that is when he stopped,” said the woman who is seeking justice over marital gender violence.


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