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A woman with a heart of Gold, Meet Nyawira A Woman Who Feeds Upto 150 kids From Poor Families

Nyawira from Githurai Kimbo

This is a story about a Heroine, a woman with a heart of gold and an answered prayer to many needy children.

Nyawira from Githurai Kimbo

Meet Nyawira!


Nyawira from Githurai Kimbo

Nyawira is a young woman and a mother of one from Githurai 45. She has been feeding over a hundred and fifty Githurai Kimbo primary school children from poor families whose parents are not in a position to provide them with lunch.

So how did it all start?

Nyawira was in Githurai Kimbo Primary school going on with her errands when she saw a kid who had fainted. After asking the teachers, they told her that the child had fainted due to hunger. They also told her that that wasn’t the only child who was starving due to lack of lunch while at the school. The story touched Nyawira and there and then she knew she had to do something.

Most of the time, we are touched by people’s stories but we make excuses like, “I don’t have enough money to help them”, and we end up not doing anything about the situation.

But Nyawira had to do something. don’t forget that Nyawira does laundry for other families for a living so she wasn’t financially able to feed over 100 kids. However, she had a big heart and that was enough.

Nyawira from Githurai Kimbo

How did she manage cooking for 100+ kids

For starters, Nyawira goes around in the Githurai market and collects whatever she gets. She has talked to the mama mbogas in the market and they all know her. So they all give her the little they have. She collects vegetables little by little from one mama mboga to another and later on goes to shops where she gets her floor. She also buys firewood.

She does that 3 days a week and together with two other women who assist her in cooking, the children are able to study knowing that someone is preparing their lunch.

Meet Charity Ambassadors in Kenya, we believe that giving the needy is opening an account with God.

Nyawira cooks in open areas or in unfinished buildings because she does not have a place yet. She has a dream that one day she will build a rehabilitation center where she will take care of the children from poor homes at all times.

Nyawira from Githurai Kimbo

On the 1st of July 2019, The Charity Ambassadors in Kenya visited Nyawira in Githurai Kimbo. They planned the visit whereby the main aim was to cook and feed the kids that Nyawira feeds on a daily. They also donated foodstuffs that will see that the kids are fed for the next couple of months.


Everything you need to know about Charity Ambassadors in Kenya.

Charity Ambassadors (CA) is a registered non – profit community-based organization with thousands of Kenyans from all over the country. It is a group of people with the sole aim of helping and touching the lives of the needy people in our society.

We clearly need more people like Nyawira. May God continue blessing her


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