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The Story Of Pascaline Peter, A Brave Woman Proudly Living With HIV( VIDEO)

Pascaline Peter

This is a story about a strong and beautiful woman proudly living with HIV. Her name is Pascaline Peter. Pascaline is 30 years old and is the mother of one boy who is 10 years old. She gave birth to her baby back in 2009 and as usual, a HIV test was run but she was negative. Three years later she had another test during a normal check-up and at the time she was still negative. After two years, she started having some infections, which happens to at least every woman. She went to the hospital for treatment but the infections couldn’t go away.

The doctor then suggested they do a HIV test and to her surprise, it came out positive. At firs she was in denial, she went to almost 20 different laboratories but they all tested positive. That’s when the depression kicked in.

I was infected between 2012 and 2014, I don’t know the exact time. I was having the normal infections women have but it never went away even after treatment. My doctor told me we should do an HIV test and I agreed. To my shock, it came out positive. I went to almost 20 other hospitals but the test kept coming back positive. At that time I was at my lowest. I sunk into a very severe depression but I started medication. It wasn’t easy since I used to buy the ARV’s because I wasn’t ready to get them at my local hospital. I used to spend 6,000 every month.

At some point, she was being overdosed by the doctors without her knowledge so she fell really sick. She ended up being admitted to the hospital for 2 weeks. After discharge, people started talking so she decided that she might as well make it public that she is living positively.

It came a time when the medication was not working so I was switched to second-line medication. A year down the line I realized that I was being overdosed. The overdose caused a condition that made my health deteriorate really bad. I was admitted for two weeks.

I had disclosed to some of my close friends what was happening but at the time people started talking. That is the moment I decided to kuwaongezea volume. I told my mum and later on made a public Facebook post letting people know I was living positively


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