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Patrick Njoroge, The Man Who Lost His Whole Family In The Ethiopian Plane Crash Speaks Out.

Ethiopian Plane Crash

Patrick Njoroge is the man who sadly lost almost his whole family in the tragic Ethiopian plane crash that happened months ago. Patrick lost his wife, three children, and mother in law.

After the crash, the families of the 157 victims who died were expecting an apology from Boeing but according to Patrick, they have never received one.

“The airlines just sent letters of sympathy acknowledging their mistakes but didn’t send their apologies. The only time they offered their apologies was days leading to the Paris Air show which was a publicity stunt,” he lamented. 

Speaking before the US Congress, Patrick continued,

Man who lost five family members in the Ethiopian Airline Crash refuses to bury soil scooped from the scene.

“I still think of their last 6 minutes leading to the crush and how my wife and mum in law knew they were going to die.”

“On April 4, three weeks after the deaths of my family, in what I have since learned is a shameful pattern of behavior by Boeing and airplane manufacturers, Boeing shifted focus from the root cause of the crashes – the design flaws in the 737 Max and MCAS – and started talking about ‘foreign pilot error’.”

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