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Political Differences Between Ruto and Uhuru Are Irreconcilable- David Murathe.

Political Differences Between Ruto and Uhuru Are Irreconcilable

According to Jubilee Vice-chairman David Murathe, the political differences that the country have been witnessing between Deputy President William Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta are irreconcilable.

During an interview, David Murathe said that the reason why the two might never reconcile is that the DP publicly humiliated the president in a recent senate meeting that saw to it that a few leaders got ousted.

Murathe claimed that Ruto was at the asking some senators to snub the said meeting in what was interpreted as an act of rebellion against his boss.

“It is not a secret, the DP was actively whipping Senators not to attend. That is the height of insolence, it is unheard of anywhere in the world. That actually is not the only defiance but a threat to the President.,” Murathe said.

“It’s like asking the President ‘who do you think you are? You can call for a parliamentary group meeting and I can ask them not to come.’ Unfortunately, in this case, their numbers did not add up,”

Also, Murathe made it known that the president was not planning on impeaching the DP as his allies have been claiming.

“This impeachment talk, I can tell you, is not on a card on the table. But as I had stated in an earlier interview, he should be careful with what he wishes for,” he added.

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