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Brave Homeless Woman gives birth at Uhuru Park with zero assistance!

Rebecca Atieno

Rebecca Atieno, 20, did the bravest thing.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. This young lady had just lost her job and had been kicked out of her house the previous night. She was working in a hotel and the boss kept saying she was slow for the job. This is because she was in the last trimester of her pregnancy. She however needed to work since she is all alone in Nairobi. No relative, no husband, no close friend. So after losing her job and since she was homeless at the time she decided to go relax a little in Uhuru Park.

“My boss claimed that I was too slow to work at such a place, I felt like she was forcing me to leave the job. I didn’t have anywhere else to go,” said Atieno, adding that since she separated from the father of her baby in Kisumu, hers has been a life filled with uncertainty.

While at the park she felt the need to visit the washroom. However, she did not have the 10 shillings required to access the facility. The attendant there told her the only way she could get in is if she left her mobile phone there. So now she was hopeless, jobless, homeless and had no phone.

“I did not have Sh10 and my phone was switched off, the attendant forced me to surrender the handset so she could let me use the facility,” said Atieno.

That’s not even the worst part. She went back to where she had been relaxing and after a little while, her water broke. She was not expecting to give birth at the time. Her labour was now intense but she did not even have a phone to call anyone. She had no money too so there was nowhere she could go. Atieno decided to deliver her baby right there with no assistance at all! And she did it.

“I marvelled at my newborn daughter’s perfect fingers and toes. I felt lucky, as all new parents do, but also because I had somehow miraculously managed to do this all on my own,” said Atieno.


Rebecca Atieno

A good Samaritan saw her and after reporting some aid workers came and took her to Kenyatta National Hospital. She found other mothers there but she was proud of her self because she did it on her own with no support or love like the rest of the mothers in the hospital.

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