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VIDEO: Murang’a politician Sabina Chege in tears after being booed and hissed at!

Sabina Chege crying

Sabina Chege Cries in Public

During an Embrace rally in the county, Muranga Women Representative Sabina Chege has a very low moment which led to her breaking down in tears. The woman was on the podium talking to the people while a section of the people started booing at her. The section booing at her was chanting pro-Ruto slogans.

She was trying her best to address the chanting crowd in vain and that is when she broke down and started crying. However, her prominent friends like Kirinyga Governor Ann Waiguru were there to hold her down and support her.

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 “I beseech you as the mother of your county…” she said between tears prompting the women leaders in a bid to console her.

“I didn’t deserve to be embarrassed before her guest.”

“Do you love Uhuru or not? Do you want to embarrass him? Are you ready to support him to the end of his term? That is where I am unapologetically,” she told the crowd.

She also asked the people not to agree to be misused by the people who had sent them to cause a scene.

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