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Samuel Ragira, a former UoN student/politician shot dead by armed thugs.

Samuel Ragira

Samuel Ragira was a former University of Nairobi student who contested the Milimani ward seat as an independent candidate in 2017 lost his life last night after some armed goons showed up in his place of work shooting him dead.

According to the area residents, these men who are armed with guns and other dangerous weapons have been harassing people. They have been asking people for money in order for them o go on with their activities. Apparently, they ask for money according to the size of land occupied by a person’s place of work.

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“They ask for money according to the size of the land that you are running your business on. The amount ranges from Sh10,000 to Sh200,000,” a trader who requested for anonymity told Nairobi News.

“It has been a nasty scene, things not have been good here and nobody has been coming out to assist us,” 

Samuel Ragira had been trying to fight these goons using his social media and maybe this is the reason they targeted him Thursday evening. Apparently, one of the thugs shot him and he died on the spot.

The residents are living in fear and wondering why they keep being threatened.

“If we are here illegally then it would have been good if they told us to go away without the unnecessary exchanges. We also want to be told who are the goons since they have been threatening us with guns,” said the source.“Students are being harassed and beaten as the police watch. We want to know why the police can side with people terrorising innocent Kenyans,” 

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