Shakilla: I am the queen of the streets and i dont care

I know what i am doing, shouts Shakilla

Shakilla is the queen of the streets and she is not about to let anyone take that crown from her. She recently made a post on her Insta stories addressing bloggers and people who always have an opinion about her.

According to the young socialite, she has had it all from people who keep telling her she is young and should act her age.

Shakilla feels that she has been giving other people too much power, something that has made them think they have an opinion about her life. Well they are wrong.

”Been taking a lot of bs for the past two weeks. When i talk, the bloggers and stories always end up saying i am a young kid who needs to grow up or i have a mental illness;” read part of her post.

Lately, everyone has been having an opinion about Shakilla and her life with most warning her of her moves. Story a Kapendo even made a spoken word dedicated to her. He is warning her of her ways and advising her to change her ways before its too late.

In response, this is what shakilla had to say

”If its bad, its bad at the end of the day you have your ‘well polished brand’ while i have my ‘satan sent wanna be socialite controversial stories’ Its about time the streets know who you really are”

Well, you have heard it from Shakilla. She clearly has told everyone to mind her own business.


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