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Shiro speaks about her leaked Sextape, “Please, that lady currently being exposed and insulted is not me.

Shiro Nyce Wanjeri

Shiro Nyce Wanjeri

For the past few hours, social media platform have been heated up due to a leaked sex tape that people are linking to former aunt boss actress Nyce Wanjeri popularly known as Shiro. The sex tape was leaked hours ago and there and then people started spreading the word that it was Shiro’s. In the short clip, one can not clearly tell whether or not it was her.

Whether or not it was the talented Shiro, when a person trusts another person with their vulnerability, they should never at any cost use it against the other person. Nyce has come out to distance herself from the leaked clip saying that she is 100 per cent sure that she is not that woman in the video. She however hopes and wished that the lady is able to recover from that whole incident.

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That lady is not me!

Haiyaa! Hivi ndio mwaka mpya after birthday inaanza?! Naambiwa jana mtandao imewaka moto? juu ya ile kuni imerushwa huko ?
Halafu maswali za “Ni yeye?! Ni wewe?!” Please, that lady currently being exposed, insulted, objectified and embarrassed is not me. And I really feel for her, I would never wish this on my worst enemy ?. When you trust someone with your vulnerability and they do something like this, it destroys a part of you. I really hope she is able to recover from this??‍♀️.

 We shall rise above this

As for myself, thank you fans, family and friends for the inboxes of concern ?. I appreciate you more as some took this as an opportunity to insult, ridicule and humiliate me by sending very damning and unmentionable messages??‍♀️. Good thing is that it reminded me that when you are on your way up, there are those who can’t wait to tear you down?. We shall rise above this. We shall not ignore or forget it, but let us all learn from it! Now I am even motivated to do more! #OneJerry shall prosper!?.

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