Sitaki mtoto mwingine, Size 8 tells Dj mo

Size 8 tells Dj Mo two kids are enough

Gospel musician Linet Munyali alias Size 8 has said that she does not want any more children. The mother of two said that she is okay with having Ladasha and Muraya jnr.

Size 8 had another child but unfortunately she suffered a miscarriage losing the baby.

The celebrity couple has been celebrating their 7 months anniversary this month. Dj Mo was showering sweet words on his woman when he asked her if she is ready to have another baby.

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”I love you so much and i want to be with you forever. Happy seventh anniversary my queen. Wewe ndo unamalizanga roho yangu. I am very sorry for how i talked to you…hurt you. All i want you to know is that i love you,” Dj Mo told linet

He went ahead and asked her if she wants another child. Size 8 dismissed the question quickly and said that she was ready for them to stay together forever but not have another baby

“Unataka katoto kengine?” Dj Mo aked

”Apana, tukae pamoja lakini watoto apana. Usijaribu kunipee mtoto mwingine,” Size 8 replied

Mo went ahead and teased her saying that he wants two more. Size 8 replied telling him that that was his own problem.

“I want two more,” Mo said

”Shida zako wewe,” Size 8 replied.

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The couple has been going through a tough time after Mo was exposed for his cheating. Size 8 had also complained that he had been rude to her in the public, something that was very humiliating.

They however reconciled and celebrated their 7 years in marriage happily, renewing their vows.

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