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Solution to Problems of Parking in Nairobi CBD: Parking Finder

parking in nairobi cbd

The Neanderthal man, or more respectably- our hairy grandfather, had a rough time travelling long distances. But he did not feel the awkwardness of circling and circling looking for cheap parking in Nairobi CBD. But now that the problem is here, we must deal with it head-on.

Times change. And so should we.

Dynamism is inevitable. For old times’ sake, the 90’s were smooth. Little to no traffic jams & parking using the coin-box technology. Fast forward to 2019, cars are many and driving is more enjoyable but parking in Nairobi CBD and its environs is a daylight nightmare.

Parking in Nairobi CBD

In as much as Kenyans can hate the Kanjo for increasingly purchasing yellow wheel clamps, there is a new dawn to exit parking dusk; The Parking Finder Kenya App.

Problems of parking in Nairobi CBD and other cities

Except for the negligible 19% or less who park in the basement of their business premises, the overwhelming 81% experience parking stress almost always. According to a survey by IBM, at least 6 out of 10 drivers abandon searching for parking due to frustration. Or how else can it go down in town inhabited by 10,000 vehicles daily?

Parking in Nairobi CBD

What makes parking in Nairobi such a pain?

  1. Insecurity– The City Council’s fee does not include security fees. Drivers park at own risk.
  2. Parking boys– Drivers must cough out some money to avoid the wrath of these titans who masquerade as valets, only to wear the black hood if you don’t toe the line.
  3. Unavailability– Looking for parking in Nairobi is only comparable to looking for a particular needle in a rather large pile of needles.
  4. Time wastage– According to a recent study by IBM, drivers in Nairobi take about 31.7 minutes every time they need a parking space. This is much higher than the average worldwide time which is 20 minutes. Why waste time yet it’s an irrecoverable asset?
  5. Imposed fines– In addition to the Kanjo’s and parking boys’ fees, drivers still have to fork out an additional fee to pay fines in case their cars get wheel-clamped. Who has extra money to keep on wasting in such non-beneficial ways?

Parking Finder app is the morphine

Drivers can now smile to the bank, to work, and wherever else they want to smile. You can help reduce traffic jams by 30% by just tapping on this god-sent app. This smartphone app does all the work for you:

  1. Locating empty lots near your destination
  2. Booking
  3. Pre-paying
  4. Navigating to the preferred parking space
  5. Travelling through time to reserve a parking in Nairobi today, tomorrow, or even next year.

Parking in Nairobi CBD

Nothing feels better than a problem solved stylishly. Parking Finder overly delivers by taking care of your emotions. You don’t need to be angry at the Kanjo, the traffic jam, or that savage who just whirled into the space you were salivating for.

Why should drivers use the parking finder app to solve their problems of parking in Nairobi and other cities?
  1. Security– Don’t lose your hard-earned car. Parking finder Kenya allows you to locate the most secure parking by showing you the details about the availability of security guards, CCTV cameras, and fence. That is just a tip of the iceberg. The real deal is that upon payment, it generates a special QR code that cannot be forged. You need it to enter and exit the parking lot. None but you can drive the car out. How sweet is that?!Parking in Nairobi CBD
  2. Google map navigation– “Parking boys: the end of an era” The Parking Finder app navigates is GPRS-enabled to navigate you from the current location to the specific parking lot. How cool is that?!
  3. Real-time parking data– The Parking Finder app feeds the driver with real-time data on the available parking spaces everywhere in town. You need not circle around town or leave your beloved car miles away.
  4. Time saving– A whole thirty minutes to look for parking?! That’s outrageous. The parking finder app saves your fuel and time by showing you that remaining spot you so much need. Save your time, fuel and environment. Save your city from traffic jams- We shall gladly call you the Superman of Nairobi.
  5. Fine-free days– You can now dance your way to drop that extra coin into the piggy bank. Drivers who use Parking Finder app will not have to deal with the Kanjo’s fines because they will have paid upfront. Phew! How relieving is that?!

There are a million and one reasons to use this smartphone technology to save yourself and others from that little stress that weighs you down. Parking in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, and other major towns has never been this easy, comfortable, and fulfilling.

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