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I love you son and I will protect you with my life- Tanasha Donna’s emotional message to unborn son.

Tanasha Donna's Baby
Tanasha Donna’s Baby

Tanasha Donna has revealed how she managed to hide her baby bump for the better part of her pregnancy. The Radio Presenter turned musician together with her boyfriend Diamond announced that they were expecting a baby boy last weekend.

How she managed to keep it on the down low was the main question. However, she has revealed that the angle at which she took photos was her trick.

She also penned down a very emotional message for her unborn son.

Crazy how some dresses hide my bump while others show them, well that’s just from the front view lol (little trick I learned when I was trying to protect my unborn son from the cruel social media, front view pics all the way!! ) We couldn’t hide anymore, but protecting my son I will do with my life. 7 months pregnant, 2 more to go and I must say this happened so fast and all so unexpectedly, at first I was convinced I wasn’t ready, but as time goes I realize I couldn’t have received a better blessing from God. My handsome son, ( yes I know you’re handsome from those 3D ultrasound pics 🙊🙊 ) you are favored, loved and blessed. God has a big purpose for you, you’re amongst God’s favor. One day, your father and I will tell you why. 🙏 I can’t wait to meet you and be your mom and I pray to God every day to protect you from the evil eye. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. 🙏❤🙏 I love you son and I will protect you with my life. ❤❤❤ PS: (Body snapback season finna be real. I will do whatever it takes to get that yummy mommy body, oh just wait on it 😋)

Tanasha Donna has released her second song,

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