Tanasha opens up on why they parted ways with her manager Castro

He wasn’t good enough for me, Tanasha reveals 

Tanasha Donna and her manager Castro are no longer working together and they have let their fans know. It was however not clear why the two had parted ways with some saying it because Tanasha did not help castro raise funds for his father’s hospital bill.

Castro’s father had been in hospital and his hospital bill amounted to Kes 7 million. His family had to lease out their home in order to settle the hospital bill. It was rumored that Tanasha did not help him in any way.

Tanasha has a new manager called CIz Obare which she confirmed during an Instagram live. She also stated that the rumors going round that she did not help Castrol are not true.

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”He’s still part of my team and we work together. We have so many upcoming projects so those are lies. I want to clarify that we even met yesterday and talked about it. Everyone nowadays is making assumptions and people will believe what they see out there without having concrete proof about what the reality of the situation is,” said Tanasha

”We came to a conclusion and it was a mutual understanding between us two. He was not really fit to manage me, something he acknowledged himself. So it is just not me coming out here and bad-mouthing him. This is something he acknowledged himself and said he was more into business development,” she added

She also acknowledged that the two had communication problems here and there but had no bad blood against each other.

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”There were some communication problems between us here and there. Not like any of us was bad  we just weren’t fit or suitable to work together. We have no bad blood , we left everything in a very amicable way”

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