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Tanzania’s President Allows Sports Activities To Resume From June 1st.

Tanzania's President Allows Sports Activities To Resume

The President of the Republic of Tanzania John Pombe Magifuli has allowed that all sports activities as well as learning in Universities and colleges to resume effective June 1ts.

During the swearing-in of Tanzania’s ambassador to Kenya, Algeria and Mozambique, president Magufuli has said that given that their cases have been slowly slowing down, he felt the need to slowly reopen the economy. As a result, he allowed that all sports activities resume as from June first.

“Looking at the trend, I don’t think there is any sportsman who has died from coronavirus. I believe sports help in fighting the virus, and there are many kinds of sports in this country,” Magufuli stated. “Sports is something I believe helps in the fight. Therefore I have decided from June 1, sports should kick off once again.”

The president made the remarks on Sunday, days ago, in a church service in his Chato hometown, where he attributed the improving situation to the country’s faith in God.

“I would like to urge all of us to continue being cautious. Let us continue praying. And all the precautions that we have been taking, let us continue adhering to them. If the trend (decline in COVID-19 numbers) continues into the new week, I plan to reopen schools so that our leaners can continue learning,” President Magufuli said.

“I also plan to allow sports to resume because sports are a form of entertainment to Tanzanians.”

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