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Details Of The Death Of Stowaway Paul Manyasi Who Fell Off A KQ Plane To London.

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The Death Of Stowaway Paul Manyasi

The 30th of Juna might have been a nice day for most people but not so much for a young man by the name Paul Manyasi. At first, he might have thought that that was the day his life would change forever as he was hoping to fly out of the country and start a new life in London. With the right papers and enough cash, traveling from Nairobi to London is an easy process that happens every day. However, that wasn’t the case for Paul Manyasi. He was working for a cleaning company that supplies workers to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

This means that Manyasi was just a man living paycheck to paycheck. He was willing to risk his life for a better life. On 30th June, Paul hid on one of a Kenya Airways plane’s wheel arch. He was hoping to land and start a new and hopefully better life in London.

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Unfortunately, according to experts, this was a very dangerous thing to do. While the plane takes off, the noise from engines could cause panic and as a result, Paul could have fallen. He, however, made it to the sky. However, it becomes very cold and there is no enough oxygen. Just as the plane was about to land and the wheels were lowered, the body of paul Manyasi fell off into a garden where a tenant was peacefully reading a book. According to neighbors, the body made a loud bang leaving an arch on the ground.

At first, no one knew the identity of the man who fell off the plane.

Sky News started to investigation the surreal incident. They flew into Kenya where they met Paul Manyasi’d co-worker/ girlfriend, Irene. Ireneidentified pictures of the man London police provided. She also identified his bag and some of his clothes. They also traveled to western Kenya and met Paul’s parents who also identified the photos.

The Death Of Stowaway Paul Manyasi

The poor 29-year-old full of life man died running way from Kenya looking for a better life.


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