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Far gone are the days of back-breaking work. Welcome to the future!

Wild thinking

Take a stroll in the wild and think of a world where everything is controlled through thinking; not even touching or moving it. Or a technology that allows you to do a mandatory activity without really doing it…like bathing during the cold season. The DryBath is such a friend indeed for the hydrophobic.

Think it’s impossible? Well, not in the futuristic technologies all around us. If a human being who died in the 16th century awoke from the dead, he would probably die immediately of shock; witnessing you calling a person who is miles away yet speaking in low tones. Such technology would be unintelligible for them. Who has ever imagined that such technology as the TouchLight would come alive? Or the much-hyped self-driving cars that can deliver your favorite flavored pizza right to your doorstep. Sounds yummy, right? That is how sweet technology can be. The smartphone is one of the sweetest technologies right now. And guess what, it’s just getting started.

What’s futuristic about the smartphone?

Imagine life without a smartphone or a cell phone at least. No chatting, laughing at Kenyan netizens’ jokes or at least pretending to be busy when bored of the yapping of a boring person. This handheld device has proved to be a one-man rescue team whenever one needs divine intervention, especially with the ‘fake call’ or the ‘google search’. But that is just a tip of the iceberg.

Did you know that you can order anything and get it delivered with just a touch of the screen from such online sites as Amazon and Globalguds? Well, that is no news. The real news is that you can now search and pay for parking right where you are. Mind you, we are speaking of Kenya, not Singapore, the U.S. or all those other techno-savvy countries.

Parking Finder Kenya

Yes! That’s how well the smartphone can serve you. You can now pay upfront for a parking space in those towns where parking spaces and kanjo bring nightmares to the land of the living. All you need to do is search for the place you need to be, enter a few details including time of arrival and departure, and pay upfront. Even if all cars in the world ‘decided’ to be in Nairobi at the same time, your parking space will be RESERVED; so you will just drive in. Like a sir! (or madam for that matter).

Being the technocrat

Do you remember the first time you answered a question in class, and nobody else knew the answer? It must have felt like you had just been crowned an honorary degree. That is the exact feeling when you own the Parking Finder app. Imagine the feeling you experience when a hasty driver overtakes you to get the one remaining parking slot but is denied access for your sake! It feels like the world just paused to wait for you; the boss!

This cool app is designed to cater to all your parking worries. Be among the first drivers to experience its goodness. All you need to do is to visit the Google Play Store and download it(search Parking finder Kenya), then let the Parking Finder app do the heavy duties for you. & what’s more: it’s free to download and use! This is the perfect Christmas gift from Parking Finder Kenya.



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