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EXCLUSIVE: The Wajesus Family is Pregnant!

The Wajesus Family Pregnant

The Wajesus Family Pregnant

The Wajesus Family is a small family of two. Kabi Wa Jesus is the husband while Milly Wa Jesus is the wife. The two are an example to the modern generation that marriage actually works because, despite the ups and down, they have always stuck together.

Young Love, #marriage works!!

It all started while Milly was still in school. They first met then, and instantly they became great friends. They used to call each other brother and sister. The friendship grew but later on life happened and they could not hide their feelings anymore. They started dating and in some months the got engaged. After that, they had their traditional wedding and then their church wedding.

After marriage, the two started the Wajesus family channel which aims at ministering to young couples and showing them that marriage works.

And now the couple is thanking God because he has allowed them to be parents.

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