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University student took a video of herself commiting suicide on claims that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

A cooperative university student by the name Velma has committed suicide on claims that her boyfriend was cheating on her

Velma had visited her boyfriend “Kelvin” in Nairobi on Friday (February 22, 2019) for a party and she was supposed to return to school on Sunday.

She had heard rumors that her boyfriend was seeing other girls and so she decided to extend her stay in her boyfriend’s house, with the aim of finding out whether the claims were true.

On Monday evening, she went through her boyfriend’s phone, just to find text messages from a lady by the name “Ethel”, who was in the same school as her boyfriend.

On Tuesday her boyfriend left the house for school but didn’t return home later that day.

It is alleged that Kelvin spent the night at Ethel’s house. Velma was deeply angered and left the house for Nakuru on Wednesday at six Am.

Velma is said to have committed suicide after her boyfriend, Kelvin and Ethel had sex in front of her in another party in Narok. Velma left a text message and recorded herself before committing suicide.

“Thanks for everything. You’re indeed a great person. I am very sorry for everything. You have always wanted the best for me. I am very sorry but I can’t take it anymore. Kelvoh is the last thing I wanted to lose. There’s no life without him. Suicide was the last thing I ever thought of but I give up. All the best and please don’t miss me.”

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