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Vera Sidika Speaks In Depth About Being Dark Skin, Body Implants And Having Kids.

Vera Sidika speaks about new look

Vera Sidika speaks about new look

Kenyan Socialite, business lady, and musician Vera Sidika was hosted on both The Trend and Citizen’s 10 over 10. This comes days after she revealed her new look whereby she is now back to being a dark girl.

The biggest question, of course, was about how and why she changed her complexion again and she explained everything in depth.


Talking to Willis Rabusu the beauty started by clarifying that it is what it is and what we see is what we get. She is black now and she is happy. She also said that it is not tan as most people are trying to say. She said that there are procedures that can be performed. She even gave an example with a white woman who changed her skin tone. She even adviced youths not to undergo skin procedures just because she did.


About having kids, she said she is ready and it’s all on the way.

She said by now she is already used to the hate. She has learned to appreciate her haters because “it’s never that serious”

Vera Sidika Releases A New Song Showing Off Her New Look.

She owns the Vera Sidika Beauty Parlour. She owns Veetox which are herbal products that helps people struggling with weight. She also hosts events and she has a Hairline on the way which will be launch next week.

About her Body

She clarified that she does not have any implants on her behind. However, she had some implants on her breast.

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