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#Wamlambezchallenge: It’s An Apartment Competition Now (Videos)

Wamlambez challenge

April 2019, a music group called Sailors released a song that they called Wamlambez which ended up being a Kenyan anthem. Sailors consist of Miracle Boy, Shalkido, Masilver, Lexxy Yung and Qoqosjuma.

In the song, ‘DRINX-na-MAYENX they used the words Wamlambez and Wamnyonyez. Now, these two words might seem like just any other word, but they have a s3xual meaning to it. The direct translation is lick and suck. Fill in the blank spaces

Kenyans were really happy with the song such that they have come up with endless challenges. This past weekend something very interesting has been going on. Flats are now competing with other flats.

Wamlambez challenge

This is the song which Alvindo is being accused of stealing from upcoming artiste Cliff Nic.

Have you and your neighbours tried it yet?

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