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“Wamlambez” Is Being Played In Funerals Now! Has It Gone Too Far?

Wamlambez played in funerals

The last couple of days, a video has been circulating online whereby people are heard jamming to the hit song Wamlambez by sailors. Now, the song is totally a club banger but the problem is, the people jamming to it on this particular video are at a funeral.

Has it gone too far?

Most people argue that a funeral should be a celebration of life rather than a sad moment. Which is actually true but don’t you think it should also be a day to pay last respects to the deceased?

It should be a day set aside to honor and pay respect to a life well-lived. Playing gospel music might sound overrated especially to the young generation but playing songs like Wamlambez at a funeral does not portray any kind of respect to the person being buried and even to his family.

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Also, funerals are places filled with old people, especially the family members of the deceased and their close families. Don’t you think they should also be given the respect they deserve?

Wamlambez played in funerals: VIDEO

This is totally a one-sided point of view. We would like to hear your point of view in the comment section.

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