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We have a right to proper Parking, Join us in ensuring it.

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74% of traffic jam is caused by lack of Proper parking. We enable drivers find available parking in real time from their mobile phones. Join us in reducing traffic congestion by filling the following questionnaire.

Experts seem to agree that a lack of local parking spaces can contribute to traffic congestion. Consider the following.

Studies show that about 30% of cars moving around Nairobi and other major towns in Kenya at any given period do so in search of parking spaces.

Not only do drivers get frustrated, but also create traffic congestion. In response to several surveys done by Parking Finder Kenya, respondents cited this as the single most significant societal change affecting the parking industry.

From an environmental perspective, the scourge leads to fuel wastage and massive injection of the ozone-destructive carbon into the atmosphere.

The two phenomena, congestion and parking, have a notable interrelationship. Commonly known as ‘cruising’, circling around town largely contributes to delays and hampers local circulation. This is especially so in areas of Nairobi CBD fed or in close proximity to the major roads including Uhuru Highway, Mombasa Road, Jogoo Road, and Thika Road.


In the central areas of other major towns, cruising contributes to more than 10% of the local circulation delay. According to the International Parking Institute (IPI) 2012 Emerging Trends in Parking Study, drivers in Kenyan cities waste an average of 20 minutes in search of parking spots. This is especially disappointing because parking spaces are always hiding in plain sight. The only gap between drivers and parking spaces is information!

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Although the concept of ‘traffic jams’ seems complex, it all boils d own to the periodic presence of an excessive number of vehicles on the same streets at any moment. A single road, say Jogoo Road, feeds the city an average of 90,000 vehicles on normal working days. The streets of Nairobi are insufficient to accommodate the large number of vehicles all at once.

Majorly, the main and recurrent causes of traffic congestion are too many vehicles on the same street or too little road. In addition, breakdowns, accidents, construction activities, and other minor events occasionally restrict traffic flow.

Insufficient number of parking spaces is a major cause of the parking-induces traffic jams. However, there are other contributing factors. Among them is the search for cheap parking, a factor that motivates drivers to bypass off-street parking in search of cheaper options. Another is the quest for convenience. Drivers circle around their destination points for ease of access to both their places of interest such as shopping points and their vehicles.

The International Parking Institute (IPI) suggests cutting the time taken to find convenient parking spaces. If we can cut the time spent cruising in search of parking spots, it would significantly reduce the amount of carbon escaping into the atmosphere. It is for this reason that Parkingfinder Kenya is offering the requisite technologies to empower drivers.

Everyone agrees that it is necessary to minimize unnecessary circling for drivers’ sake and to improve sustainability of our cities and the environment. Offering underutilized spaces for parking is one potential method of minimizing circling and gaining a passive source of income.

For drivers, using the Parkingfinder Kenya smartphone app to view the available parking spaces can save them time, fuel, and rescue them from unnecessary frustration.

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