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Wednesdays and Saturdays declared car free days in the CBD? Kenyans react!

Car-free day Nairobi

Car-free day Nairobi

Once again the government has come up with a strategy that might see Nairobi commuters walk to work. Remember, coming to the end of last year, there was a major crisis after the government banned Matatus in the CBD.

It took effect for several days until the Governor had no choice except suspending the matatu ban

Even after all that struggle, the government has come up with another strategy that might see Nairobians in the same situation. They have declared Wednesday and Saturdays a car-free day in the CBD. Precisely, no vehicle will be allowed to access Nairobi Central Business District on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

According to Public Works Principal Secretary Paul Maringa this strategy will take effect as soon as the 1st of February.

Only emergency vehicles, people with bicycles and police cars will be allowed inside the CBD during the designated days.

Kenyans have reacted to this,

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