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Wendo Wednesday: Are you Searching for love?

Wednesday is Match Making day

With the introduction and advancement of social media, looking for love has changed from knocking each other at the corridors and picking your books together to finding love online.

Many people are also too busy to go hang out in social places and hence difficult to locate life partners.

Majority of the people have opted to find their partners in the many social media platforms we have.

A few months ago, Facebook influencer Ndungu Nyoro decided to start a segment on his platform called Wendo Wednesday.

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On Wednesdays, people are given the chance to pen down what they are looking for in a partner. Those who find a match slide into each others inbox and as they say, the rest is history.

Some  get to Ndungu Nyoro’s inbox, gives their specifications which are later re-posted on his wall, to see if they will find a match.

It is however notable that majority of the people looking for love are women above 30 years of age. This has raised a debate online on the trend.

There are also men who have come out and searched for love during wendo wdnesday.

Good news is that people are finding love.

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Some people have come back and testified of finding love, thanking Ndungu Nyoro for the noble thought Wendo Wednesday.

Some have even visited each others parents and we can already hear wedding bells from a distance.

Have you heard about Wendo Wednesday?

Don’t be left single alone. Tupatane pale Wendo Wednesday as we look for love.

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