Who is Jowie? Jackie Maribe Asks

I don’t talk about that man- Jackie Maribe

Jackie Maribe, a former news anchor at citizen TV  and ex-girlfriend to Jowie Irungu confirmed that she is already over him.

During an interview with True Love Magazine, Jackie Maribe  quickly asked who Jowie is, upon being asked by the interviewer about their relationship.

” Who is that?’‘ she asked

Jowie, I do not talk about that man. One because we have a court gag and there is no way of speaking about him and give details of what happened,” she said

The media personality who is also running a You-tube show called ”The Hot Seat” clarified on her relationship with Dennis Itumbi.

According to Jackie, Dennis and her are ride and die friends but there gas never been any romance involved.

He has been her support system even at her lowest moments.

“The situation with Dennis Itumbi is that there is no relationship frankly. I do not know why people think we have dated before… He is my ride or die. He has been there for me through the highs and the lows but there is no romance at all,” she added

Jackie has not had a walk a walk on the park since her accusations of being involved in murder alongside her ex-boyfriend Jowie Irungu.

During her first episode on her You-tube channel, she confessed of how things moved from a hundred to zero.

From being at the top of her career to having to quit something she loved doing.

“I was at the peak of my career then all of a sudden you just do not know how. Life just happens and it is like you are driving on such high speed and then you have to take an emergency brake,” said Maribe.

Jackie has however moved on and she choses not to dwell on her past. She started a You-tube channel which is doing so well.

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